Want, Asia,Western Asia,Turkey, All

415628Want Canada Hotel, franchise name preferred, any Size and price $5M-$30M
415591Wanted Rare Earth Mineral Deposits. Worldwide. W/ Reports.
415590Wanted Oil Field(s). Worldwide. Minimum 50mil to 1bil+ barrels possible.
413024Wanted Canada, Industrial Buildings, $500K - $25M 5,000 sq.ft. - 200,000+ sq.ft. To add value by increasing clear ceiling height. Purchase or joint venture.
411178Wanted British Columbia Prefer Lower mainland, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Alberta, Land Assembly, Land Development, $1M - $100M+ Experience Builder. Site Plan Approved
411163Wanted Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, multi family. $1M - $5M, 5+ Buyers Clients, $5M - $100M 2 buyer Clients. Looking now.
410992Wanted Canada Multi Unit Apt Bldg $1M-$50M+ multiple investors investing and developing daily. Good Investor Client multiple deals processed.
410528Wanted Alberta, 100 - 1,000 Apartment units, $10M - $150M+, Qualified.