Want, Canada, Financing Mortgages Private Funds Venture Capital

413915WANTED! Taking over the Companies are in Financial problems & Power Of Sales up to Billion Dollar***
413193Wanted, Commercial property for passive income $2M budget.
412122Wanted Ontario construction financing $30M, security provided.
407439Wanted clients for Mortgage financing, from $25,000 to $5+ million, 1st, 2nd, Agricultural, Commercial Institutional, Private, Residential. We get the job done.
406332Want Private Lender to finance residential deals on the regular basis 8% first mortgage max 75 LTV.
394205Wanted Ontario Financing/Venture Funds/Private Equity Investments $1-$10M for existing business and real estate investments
318727Invest in Commercial real estate with out the headaches. We take care of it all. collect monthly cash flow. Solid Returns on Prime real estate.
263713Wanted development funding for retail and residential projects... private funding only please.